Traditional South African Beggars-Bouillabaisse

Bouillabaisse-saffa-favouriteEven though this fish originates from the city of Marseille in France, this delicious recipe was brought over by the French Huguenots in the early 17th century and became a South African-French favorite.
This Southern-African fish dish is especially suited for poor people. The freshest catch of the day is traditionally used for tasty bouillabaisse. Both fish and shellfish can be used for this dish. Because of the cost of shellfish a compromise has been reached.

Make a power soup and add the firm flesh of the fish to the soup. Fish that can be used are white and red Steen-bras, angelfish, gurnard or monk.
Peel the skin of the fish and cut it into pieces of 50mm. Skin the onions and cut into the thin slices. Peel the potatoes and cut into thick slices or 30mm pieces. Peal the tomatoes and chop into fine pieces.
Heat the oil in a big container and sauté the onions until it is soft.  Stir the garlic, potatoes, tomatoes, orange peel, laurel leaves, curcuma, sugar, extraction of half the chopped parsley.
Cover and let it boil, reduce temperature and let it simmer until the potatoes are soft – 15 to 20 minutes.
Add the fish to the soup. Cover it and let it simmer until it is well done. More or less 3 – 5 minutes, according to the thickness of the fish.
Remove orange peel sprinkle the parsley over the dish and serve it piping hot.


  • 1.5 litter of fish extraction
  • 1 kg filler of fish
  • 45ml(3e) olive oil
  • 2 middle size onions
  • 3 big potatoes
  • 4 big ripe tomatoes
  • 1 small orange peel
  • 1 laurel leaf
  • 5 ml (1t) curcuma
  • 5ml (1t) sugar
  • 60 ml (4e) shopped parsley
  • 5ml(1t) salt
  • 12 freshly grounded black pepper

Fish extraction
Aromatic fish extraction is a necessary ingredient in the most fish dishes


  • 1.5 Liter of cold water
  • 1 kg clean pieces of fish
  • 1 onion cut in quarter pieces
  • 1 carrot cut in quarter pieces
  • 1 small piece of seller cut in slivers
  • 1 big dry bouquet garnish
  • 1 small laurel leaf
  • 1 small lemon peel
  • 12 black peppers

Mix all the ingredients in a big pot cover it and let it simmer until boiling. Let the extract boil for about 30 minutes and remember to skim the surface for foam.
Use a sieve to draw the fish extraction and press the ingredients to produce a strong fish residue and use this as the base for your fish soup.


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