South African honey and flavour

South-African-honeyHoney is found all over South African and is well-liked in the food culture of South Africa. Different kinds of honey are produced in the following areas for example:

Hopefield, Vredenburg and Piketberg is well known for the sandveld honey. Here fynbos will be the bee’s main plant for the producing of the honey.
In the Karoo thornbush –honey is cultivated from the thornbush.
To the eastern side of the Cape, South African honey is produced from flower farms in the Caledon region which we know as the Strandfontein.
To the west at places like Citrusdal and Clanwilliam we get honey produced by the bee’s using citrus blossoms as this is an Orange producing area.
In the Klein Karoo where much of our stone fruit grows like peaches, apricots and plums, I expect the honey is from the blossoms of these trees. All South African honey tastes different; you can actually taste honey of fynbos and citrus and notice the difference.
South Africa no doubt has a large array of different honeys, and we have only mentioned a few.
Honey can obviously be used for many purposes eg.

  • To put in your tea for sweetening purposes
  • To bake delicious bread
  • Honey be mixed with lemon juice for medicinal purposes
  • Can be used as a face pack
  • For baking purposes (cake and biscuits)
  • For sauces eg Ina Paarman’s salad dressing

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